This Fresh48 session has quickly become my favorite (honestly, even more than my own daughters session).

Back story: I photographed Mark and Shannon’s wedding in 2018, they had a photo of Mark’s honorary best man, Sgt. Dietrich Schieman on the head table. Mark and Dietrich met and served as Marines together in Okinawa. Dietrich ended up losing his life in a military cargo plane crash going from California to North Carolina in July 2017.

Fast forward… yesterday morning I woke up to a text from Mark saying, It’s a Boy! He is here and his name, Dietrich!

Instantly, my heart melted and I will be honest I got a little a tear in my eye. Seriously, this kid couldn’t have gotten a better name. I didn’t even notice until I got home and started editing and going through the photo but check out dad’s bracelet in the top left photo. A little touch of Dietrich made it into the session.

These types of sessions is why I love what I do, getting to know a teeny tiny portion of all my clients lives but hopefully capturing moments in their lives that they can hold on to forever. I honestly probably didn’t do Mark and Dietrich’s story justice, but I hope these did.

Welcome to the world Dietrich Van! It sure is going to be fun to watch you grow.  Congratulations, Mark and Shannon he’s seriously perfect!


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